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The Art (& Science) of Difficult Interview Questions

July 23, 2020

The Art (& Science) of Difficult Interview Questions

Where do you see yourself in five years?  What have been your most significant difficulties in past jobs?  You’ve never done this before; why should we hire you? Why did you leave that job after only four months? This workshop will review basic interview questions in the first segment, and then will focus on individual responses to more difficult variations of these questions. The program will include feedback from both the presenter and the audience.

About Presenter:

Thomas Monaco is the Executive Director for Experienced Professionals Career Management at Columbia Business School’s Career Management Center. Tom manages the team that provides career services to the Business School Alumni and EMBA students. He oversees the development of career education programs, online resources, and conducts one-on-one career advising and executive coaching meetings with working professionals. Prior to joining Columbia Business School in August 1996, Tom worked in accounting and finance at Ernst & Young and Bear Stearns Mortgage Capital Corporation.

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