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Transform Your Empathy & Emotional Sensitivity into a Superpower at Work

October 8, 2018

Transform Your Empathy & Emotional Sensitivity into a Superpower at Work

If you’re someone who feels a lot of emotion, that can seem like a disadvantage in the workplace, where the expectations and norms are often to be stoic, strong, and unwavering.  Many of us are conditioned to “Never let them see you sweat.”

So, what are you supposed to do if you’re full of empathy and you tend to experience a lot of emotion?

You learn to regulate your energy. In other words, you practice dialing up and down the intensity of your thoughts. You also learn to use your breath, your posture, and your movement to build greater resilience in the moment. With these micro-shifts, you’ll feel more powerful, often in seconds. Plus, it’s your secret that you’re practicing these self-adjusting techniques. Kind of like putting on an invisible cloak of power!   

Join executive coach & leadership consultant Dr. Susan Bernstein for this experiential webinar. You’ll have the opportunity to transform your empathy and emotional sensitivity into a superpower at work. 

Dr. Bernstein cares deeply about helping leaders with great empathy and emotional awareness into their optimal roles. She shares wisdom gleaned from 25 years corporate experience — including demanding leadership roles at companies like Intel and Accenture — together with her Ph.D. in mind/body psychology and over a decade of yoga practice, to share practices that will help you stay fluid and flexible as you cross the bridge into your fullest leadership. 

You’ll discover ways to stay calm and confident when…

  • you get criticized
  • you’re left out
  • you lose out on something you wanted
  • you can’t get it all done
  • you miss the mark (a target you set, or one set by someone else)
  • you perceive that your organization is underperforming  

Transform Your Empathy & Emotional Sensitivity into a Superpower at Work>
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A New York NY 10016

About Presenter:

Since 2001, Dr. Susan Bernstein has helped existing and emerging leaders navigate through change, uncertainty, and conflict so they thrive. Through her executive coaching, her clients gain strategic perspective and psychological insights to elevate their leadership, build stronger relationships, and make a greater impact in the world. Before launching her coaching practice, Susan held demanding leadership roles at Franklin-Covey, Intel, and Accenture. She earned an MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a Ph.D. in Somatic Psychology at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. You’ll find Susan’s thought leadership in Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Psychology Today.  Connect with Susan at DrSusanBernstein.com.

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