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Values and the Job Search

November 9, 2010

Values and the Job Search

Knowing what you are passionate about, understanding what your value systems is, and what you are motivated by is fundamentally important to any job search, and in fact, your overall career management. Once you have done the work to know yourself, and what ignites you (in subtle and not so subtle ways) then your task is to find a place where you can stay positively fired-up! Working in an organization, a group, a role, or on an assignment that encourages your passions and values takes forethought and planning. Fit (or lack thereof) is one of the top reasons employees don't succeed in their chosen workplace.

Join this interactive webinar for a brief discussion on how you can begin to connect what's important to you, evaluate the values of a potential employer and explore your evolving relationship to tradeoffs in support in support of a job search, if not an overall career, that brings you satisfaction. Your participation and questions are welcomed!

About Presenter:

Ainka is the owner of BreakThrough.  In this capacity she runs workshops, facilitates teams and coaches people one-on-one supporting professional and personal well-being. This includes work with clients on career managment, communication, executive presence, and health and fitness.  Ainka received her BA in  English from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Wharton. She holds a numerous certifications, including in Designing Instruction, Group Facilitation and a certificate in Human Resource Management from NYU.

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