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Why the Top 1/3 of Your Resume Matters Most

June 17, 2014

Why the Top 1/3 of Your Resume Matters Most

With hundreds, even thousands, of people applying for most jobs, hiring managers spend only a few seconds glancing at resumes. Here is how to get them to read on.

You have to optimize your resume to catch the interest of hiring managers. The top 1/3 of your resume is the critical factor in determining whether recruiters will read on or if your resume lands the rejection pile. You’ve worked hard to fill your resume with years of experience and impressive achievements, but have only about 10 seconds to captivate that recruiter’s attention – be sure your resume makes the cut!

About Presenter:

As an Ivy Exec Coach and Career Advisor, Nii Ato provides day-to-day career advice to Ivy Exec's All Access members regarding their job search strategy, resume, career planning and other topics relevant to their career advancement. Nii Ato also manages Ivy Exec's Resume Writing and Career Coaching services.

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