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2016 Consulting Rankings

Creating Positive Perceptions in the Workplace

Tom Monaco and Annette Minihan, Executive Director, Experienced Professionals Career Management, Columbia Business School, Executive Career Lead, LBS Sloan Programme, London Business School

Tom Monaco and Annette Minihan

Jointly presented by Columbia Business School and London Business School, you’ll learn how to avoid bad patterns, how to make …

How to Master the Subtle (and Sometimes Blatantly Obvious) Art of Persuasion

Nikki Graves, Assistant Professor in the Practice of Management Communication, Emory University, Goizueta Business School

Nikki Graves

In the current age of information, the ability to persuade on multiple communication channels is fundamental to your success. You …

Transform Your Empathy & Emotional Sensitivity into a Superpower at Work

Dr. Susan Bernstein, Executive Coach/Leadership Consultant

Dr. Susan Bernstein

If you’re someone who feels a lot of emotion, that can seem like a disadvantage in the workplace. Learn how to regulate and channel …

Avoiding Misunderstandings at Work: How to Communicate in Tough Situations

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD, Executive Coach/Leadership Consultant

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD

Communication in the workplace is not always smooth, but it doesn't always have to be that way. Learn how to improve your relationships …

Leading With the Brain in Mind: A 5-Step Model

Eva Katharina Herber , Associate Professor,

Eva Katharina Herber

In our highly connected information society we depend more and more on our “thinking power” to function optimally in life and …

Pitch Perfect: Personal Branding, Body Language and Executive Presence

Dr. Amber Wigmore Álvarez, Executive Director of Career Services

Dr. Amber Wigmore Álvarez

Amber Wigmore Alvarez, Ph.D., Executive Director of Talent & Careers at IE Business School and University, welcomes you to a “Pitch …

Skyrocket Your Credibility & Influence at Work

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD, Executive Coach/Leadership Consultant

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD

If you’re looking for a way to significantly boost your credibility, especially among senior executives and clients, a huge element …

Confidence Boosting Perspectives and Practices for Professional Women

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD, Executive Coach/Leadership Consultant

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD

If you’re a professional woman who sometimes struggles to feel confident in the business world, you’re not alone. Research …

Behind Frenemy Lines: Leveraging Business Relationships in Competitive Industries

Sandy Jap, Ph.D., Sarah Beth Brown Professor of Marketing

Sandy Jap, Ph.D.

Partnering holds the promise of all things good, so why do business partnerships and alliances fail so often? 

Overcome the "No": Negotiate Creative Solutions

Dr. Jeffrey Loewenstein, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Associate Head of Business Administration

Dr. Jeffrey Loewenstein

Dr. Lowenstein will address overcoming the feeling of being forced to choose among limited options, and how to escape the trap of fighting …

Avoiding Conflict Avoidance at Work

Jill Ozovek and Mala Grewal, Certified Career Development Coach & Founder // CEO

Jill Ozovek and Mala Grewal

Learn how conflict can be a positive element in the workplace that can drive innovation and how to turn it to your advantage.