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The Quality Dimension of Value Investing: The New Holy Grail of Finance?

Robert Novy-Marx and the Simon Business School, Associate Professor of Finance

Robert Novy-Marx and the Simon Business School

Learn a new way of thinking about a firm’s operating performance and apply it to your investment decisions.

Are Executive Education Programs Worth it?

Dechu Muthana / Carla Inagaki, Principal / Associate Director of Admissions

Dechu Muthana / Carla Inagaki

MBA and Non-MBA Executives alike are asking themselves whether an executive education program can help them better lead their business.

Beyond the Horizon: Global Megatrends and What They Mean for Business

Joe Nellis, Professor

Joe Nellis

Will your business survive the looming global megatrends?

The "Culture Factor" in International Development and its implications for Global Business.

Bianca Dahl, Cultural and Medical Anthropologist

Bianca Dahl

View business through the lens of the liberal arts. Experience a snapshot of the IE Brown EMBA and join Anthropologist Prof. Bianca Dahl …

Are you making the right leadership decisions?

Dr. Lee Newman, Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Lee Newman

Decision making is one of the most important skills for managers and leaders, and can make (or break) a career.   Default behaviors …

Dealing with Uncertainty and Risk - The New Leadership Behaviors

Scott Kiefer, Vice-President

Scott Kiefer

Learn how to lead in a volatile environment.