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The 2016 Best Consulting
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2016 Consulting Rankings

The 2016 Best Consulting
Companies To Work For

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2016 Consulting Rankings

Bouncing Forward: Leading Yourself and Your Team’s Resilience

David M. Sluss, PhD, Professor of Management, ESSEC Business School

David M. Sluss, PhD

Building your own and your team’s resilience is now a “must-have” leadership competency. Your team and organization must …

What a winning analytics team looks like, acts like, and does

Kevin Hartman, Chief Analytics Evangelist at Google, Adjunct Professor at Gies College of Business, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Kevin Hartman

Data analytics should be top of mind for every advertiser, but building a successful and effective analytics team can be challenging.

Still Selling Like It’s 1999? Meet the Modern Buyer

Jill Rowley, Social Selling Advocate

Jill Rowley

Face it: nobody wants to be sold to.

US Healthcare Reform: Separating Fact from Fiction

Dr. Howard P. Forman, Professor & Program Director

Dr. Howard P. Forman

Since President Obama took office, healthcare reform has been at the forefront of the nation’s mind.

Why Smart Leaders Make Bad Decisions – And What You Can Learn from Their Mistakes

Sydney Finkelstein, Professor of Management

Sydney Finkelstein

Learn the key lessons from management failures, and what they mean for anyone looking to become an effective leader. 

Lead When It Matters Most

Lee Newman, Professor of Behavioral Science and Leadership

Lee Newman

Behavioral Fitness draws on the science of habits and self-control to allow professionals to understand how behavioral change works and …

Develop Your High Potentials Into Results-Driven Leaders

Samuel Bacharach, Professor of Organizational Behavior

Samuel Bacharach

High potentials have good ideas, but what transforms them into genuine leaders is the capacity to move agendas and get results.

Effectively Executing Strategic Change

Cynthia E. Devers, Associate Professor of Strategic Management

Cynthia E. Devers

To survive in today’s fast-changing business landscape, organizations must move quickly and seamlessly.

Navigating a Successful Career

Ned Sherry, Executive in Residence

Ned Sherry

Careers don’t just happen. They require personal commitment.

Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurship

Rich Patton, Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration

Rich Patton

Learn about the issues that directly affect the innovation capability of an organization.

Lifting Your Leadership Game – 2014

Gregg Thompson, President

Gregg Thompson

What will your leadership look like in 2014? How will you drive personal, team and organizational performance?