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Rejected? How to Recover Rapidly

Dr. Susan Bernstein, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

Dr. Susan Bernstein

No one likes to be rejected. It hurts. But trying to act like “everything is fine” usually just delays the pain. In fact, ignoring …

The Hidden Triggers in Hiring: A New Approach to Locking Down Job Offers

Anish Majumdar, Career Coach

Anish Majumdar

99% of the job search advice out there is DEAD WRONG. It’s information that is designed to make the hiring process easier for EMPLOYERS- …

The High Stakes of Interviewing: Best Practices, Feedback, and Following Up

Lilly-Marie Lamar, Senior Career Advisor

Lilly-Marie Lamar

You’ve made it to the interview stage—congratulations! But be careful, the job search is far from over, in fact this is the …

The Final Offer Funnel: A Simple Way to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Anish Majumdar, Executive Coach

Anish Majumdar

You worked so hard to get a job offer on the table- are you prepared to negotiate it?

How to Elevate Your Job Search & Career Through Storytelling

Anish Majumdar, Executive Coach

Anish Majumdar

“So, what’s your story?” How well you answer this question, will determine how quickly your career rises. Don’t …

How to Build Positive Rapport with Interviewers

Dr. Susan Bernstein, Executive Coach

Dr. Susan Bernstein

Sitting opposite an interviewer, you might feel awkward or intimidated. It doesn’t have to be that way.

How to Interview with Power and Authenticity

Dr. Susan Bernstein, Career Coach

Dr. Susan Bernstein

It's common to get nervous and forget what you want to say in interviews.

How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume

Renita Kalhorn, Executive Coach

Renita Kalhorn

Whether they were laid off, on sabbatical, injured, or raising children, explaining “the gap” to potential employers can trip …

How to Negotiate at Every Stage of the Hiring Process

Staci Collins, Executive Coach

Staci Collins

Negotiations, whether dreaded or desired, always involve a bit of risk. Like any adventure, they turn out best with a bit of preparation. …