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2016 Consulting Rankings

How to Interview with Power and Authenticity

Dr. Susan Bernstein, Career Coach

Dr. Susan Bernstein

It's common to get nervous and forget what you want to say in interviews.

How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume

Renita Kalhorn, Executive Coach

Renita Kalhorn

Whether they were laid off, on sabbatical, injured, or raising children, explaining “the gap” to potential employers can trip …

How to Negotiate at Every Stage of the Hiring Process

Staci Collins, Executive Coach

Staci Collins

Negotiations, whether dreaded or desired, always involve a bit of risk. Like any adventure, they turn out best with a bit of preparation. …

Winning the Inner Game of Interviewing

Renita Kalhorn, Executive Coach & Resume Writer

Renita Kalhorn

An interview is like a performance: The stakes are high. 

How to Take Control of an Interview

Staci Collins, Executive Coach and Senior Resume Specialist

Staci Collins

Have you ever walked out of an interview feeling you weren’t able to highlight your experience as well as you'd hoped?

Ace the Culture Fit Interview

Brad Agry, Founding Principal

Brad Agry

You have the right skills and experience, but how do you convince the interviewer that you fit the corporate culture? 

The 10 Most Impressive Things a Job Candidate Can Do

Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio, Co-founder

Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

In this tough economy, candidates need to improve their strategy to be successful.

Advanced Interviewing Strategies

Sarah Stamboulie, Career Coach

Sarah Stamboulie

Here's how to build confidence in your interviewing skills so you will feel excited rather than anxious about meetings.

Using LinkedIn to Get Interviews

Sarah Stamboulie, Career Coach

Sarah Stamboulie

Are you on LinkedIn but suspect you still aren't fully utilizing the site?