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The 2016 Best Consulting
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2016 Consulting Rankings

The 2016 Best Consulting
Companies To Work For

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2016 Consulting Rankings

Leading Through Team Misalignment on the Vision

Karla Ramos, Enterprise Agile Coach, Tribe of Agile

Karla Ramos

Too often, team leaders are not aligned with overarching corporate goals. In fact, studies suggest that 29 percent of employees believe …

Moving Hearts and Minds with Data

Ronald Guymon and Michael Elniski, Ronald Guymon - Senior Lecturer of Accountancy and RC Evans Data Analytics Scholar

Ronald Guymon and Michael Elniski

Numbers by themselves don't move hearts and minds. Consequently, encouraging data-driven decisions in organizations goes beyond extracting …

Compassionate Leadership: The Foundation To Inspire & Motivate Ourselves

Kevin Huntting, Leadership Coach

Kevin Huntting

We live in unprecedented times where so many professionals and individuals are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and disconnected and are …

Global Leadership Series: Elevate Strategic Competencies Part 2

Global Leadership Series Panelists, Carolyn Reichert, Ph.D. - Clinical Associate Professor, Julie Lynch - Director of Real Estate Center

Global Leadership Series Panelists

How do you develop strategic competitive advantage? In using the value chain as our framework, we will offer insights to help you gain …

Leadership in Times of Exponential Change

Dr. Helmuth Ludwig and Mikael Trolle, Dr. Helmuth Ludwig - Professor of Practice for Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the SMU Cox

Dr. Helmuth Ludwig and Mikael Trolle

Dreams inspire people to be part of something meaningful and exciting. Details focus attention on the development of new …

4 Proven Steps to Build Your Authority and Attract High Value Clients

Michael Zipursky, CEO & CO-FOUNDER

Michael Zipursky

In this presentation, Michael Zipursky, CEO and Co-founder of Consulting Success, will share 4 proven steps that you can follow to build …

Bouncing Forward: Leading Yourself and Your Team’s Resilience

David M. Sluss, PhD, Professor of Management

David M. Sluss, PhD

Building your own and your team’s resilience is now a “must-have” leadership competency. Your team and organization must …

The Chakra of Successful Negotiations

Mala Subramaniam, Author I Speaker l Learning Specialist l Executive Coach

Mala Subramaniam

Whether you’re negotiating your salary at a new job or closing a major deal for your business, applying principles of Indian philosophy …

Becoming a Transformational Leader

Luigi A. Pecoraro Ed.D., Managing Director

Luigi A. Pecoraro Ed.D.

At the SMU Cox School of Business, we equip leaders with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to become transformational business …

Sustainability Leadership & Its Impact for Driving Innovation

Ted Chan and Ana Ferreira, Ted Chan - Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Better Business Bureau

Ted Chan and Ana Ferreira

Sustainability is now a key driver of business innovation. Business leaders are increasingly understanding the need to develop sustainable …