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The 2016 Best Consulting
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2016 Consulting Rankings

The 2016 Best Consulting
Companies To Work For

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2016 Consulting Rankings

Global Financial Markets and Crises Preparedness – In Time of a Pandemic

Dr. Damion McIntosh, Lecturer of Finance, Harbert College of Business, Auburn University

Dr. Damion McIntosh

The COVID-19 pandemic had dramatic impacts on financial markets across the globe, causing significant losses in a short period of time.  …

Dynamic Leadership: Decision-making in an Unpredictable World

Michael D. Johnson, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Organization, University of Washington

Michael D. Johnson

Every decision we make is a prediction about what will happen in the future. In an uncertain world, we must improve our decision processes …

Being An Ethical Leader in a Profit-Driven World; Can it be done?

Brian McGilvray, JD, Practitioner Faculty of Business Law, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Brian McGilvray, JD

The quest for ever-increasing profits is fueling the proliferation of unethical behavior that we have been seeing in business over the …

Developing Inclusive Cultures in the Workplace

Nefertiti A. Walker, PhD, Interim Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Chief Diversity Officer - UMass Amherst, Associate Professor - Isenberg School of Managementl

Nefertiti A. Walker, PhD

A diverse workplace with a culture of inclusivity is recognized as being a key factor in business performance and success. Join us for …

Why Every Company Needs a Digital Strategy

Nelson Granados, PhD, Professor of Information Systems and Technology Management, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, Executive Director of the IEMSC

Nelson Granados, PhD

In this new digital age, firms must increasingly turn their attention to the technological developments that shape their business strategy …

A Healthcare Executive's Guide to Optimizing Patient Flow

Dr. Charles Noon, Professor

Dr. Charles Noon

As any healthcare professional (or patient) can attest: disorganized patient flows and long waiting periods impede caregiver productivity, …

Program Management for Project Performance

Wayne Brantley, MS Ed, PMP®, ITIL®, CSM, CPLP, CRP

Wayne Brantley

Join us as we discuss the relationship between a project and a program, explore the benefits of each, and investigate why frequent …

Leveraging Local Networks for a Global Impact

Paul Almeida, Senior Associate Dean of Executive Education

Paul Almeida

Globalization provides organizations many opportunities to grow revenues and profits.

More Than a Manager – Become a Project Management Guru

Wayne Brantley, Senior Director of Professional Education for The University Alliance

Wayne Brantley

Project Managers are more in demand than ever before. Do you have the skills to compete?

Happiness Translates to Better Business - Why your Positive to Negative Emotions Ratio Matters!

Prof. Marijo Bos, Managing Director

Prof. Marijo Bos

Science is demonstrating how positivity has a direct impact on openness, creativity, resilience and overall happiness.

Strategic Cybersecurity Management

Dr. Michael Donohoe, Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration

Dr. Michael Donohoe

Security is of the utmost importance in today’s age of complex global telecommunication networks and interconnected information systems. …

Managing the Media Realities of Today While Planning for Tomorrow

Mike Rosenberg, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

Mike Rosenberg

The biggest challenge that media companies will face is balancing existing platforms, while integrating digital media.

Developing Global Leaders

John Almandoz, Assistant Professor

John Almandoz

Globalization has made it more important than ever to have leaders be able to adapt to other cultures and customs.

Building a Corporate Strategy for Today and the Future

Dr. Filip Caeldries, Professor of Management and Organization, Strategy and Innovation

Dr. Filip Caeldries

In today's environment, organizations can stay ahead only if they build new strategic initiatives and exploit transient advantages.