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2016 Consulting Rankings

Coaching Prospective Students: How to Adapt Graduate Recruitment in Uncertain Times

Barbara Singer, Founder and CEO, Executive Core

Barbara Singer

Higher Education is facing an unprecedented recruitment environment. Overcoming the potential challenges ahead will require adapting your …

Netflix Accounting: Are Their Earnings More Than Just Another Production?

Brooke Elliott, Associate Dean and EY Professor, Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois

Brooke Elliott

Successfully determining what risks to take in your professional life or business strategy often comes from decades of trial and error. …

Top Cybersecurity Issues for Managers

Casey Cegielski, Ph.D, Sr. Professor of Information Systems

Casey Cegielski

According to industry surveys, cyber security continues to rank among the most significant strategic technology issues of 2020. Corporate …

The ABCs of Business Valuation

Atulya Sarin, Professor of Finance

Atulya Sarin

This seminar is intended to provide practical valuation tools for valuing a company and its securities. Valuation techniques that we will …

Staying Cool During Workplace Conflict

Dr. Susan Bernstein, Executive Coach + Leadership Consultant

Dr. Susan Bernstein

Conflict is inevitable in organizations. But the nasty, damaging behaviors that come with a disagreement? Those you can avoid.    …

Taking the Plunge: Committing to Change Management

Stanley G. Harris, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate & International Programs and Luck Professor

Stanley G. Harris

Two-thirds of change efforts fail to fulfill their promise. Much of this failure is due to the process of implementation. How do leaders …

Preparing for the Next Market Crash

Dr. Ronald Filante, Associate Professor of Finance

Dr. Ronald Filante

According to economic and finance experts, the next market crash appears to be just around the corner. In today’s climate filled …

Asset Allocation: Where, When and Why?

Henrik Lumholdt, Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance

Henrik Lumholdt

Studies suggest that investors in financial assets are better off operating with a long term-horizon. A closer look, however, reveals that …

Diversity as a Business Strategy

Dr. Susan Fleming // Dr. Andrei Cimpian // Megha Mathur, Sr. Lecturer // Assoc. Professor of Psychology // Sr. Engagement Mgr. & Head of the Diversity Initia

Dr. Susan Fleming // Dr. Andrei Cimpian // Megha Mathur

In this webinar, our panelists tackle the timely topic of Diversity as a Business Strategy. 

How to Think Strategically Like a CEO

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD, Executive Coach/Leadership Consultant

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD

If you want greater influence at work, doing a great job isn't enough. To get promoted, you need to learn to Think …

Avoiding Conflict Avoidance at Work

Jill Ozovek and Mala Grewal, Certified Career Development Coach & Founder // CEO

Jill Ozovek and Mala Grewal

Learn how conflict can be a positive element in the workplace that can drive innovation and how to turn it to your advantage.