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2016 Consulting Rankings

How Can Large Firms Engage with Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Steven Seggie, Professor of Marketing, ESSEC Business School

Steven Seggie

As more and more money goes into entrepreneurship and startups disrupt larger companies, larger companies are faced with the challenge …

Asset Allocation: Where, When and Why?

Henrik Lumholdt, Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance

Henrik Lumholdt

Studies suggest that investors in financial assets are better off operating with a long term-horizon. A closer look, however, reveals that …

Diversity as a Business Strategy

Dr. Susan Fleming // Dr. Andrei Cimpian // Megha Mathur, Sr. Lecturer // Assoc. Professor of Psychology // Sr. Engagement Mgr. & Head of the Diversity Initia

Dr. Susan Fleming // Dr. Andrei Cimpian // Megha Mathur

In this webinar, our panelists tackle the timely topic of Diversity as a Business Strategy. 

How to Think Strategically Like a CEO

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD, Executive Coach/Leadership Consultant

Dr. Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD

If you want greater influence at work, doing a great job isn't enough. To get promoted, you need to learn to Think …

Avoiding Conflict Avoidance at Work

Jill Ozovek and Mala Grewal, Certified Career Development Coach & Founder // CEO

Jill Ozovek and Mala Grewal

Learn how conflict can be a positive element in the workplace that can drive innovation and how to turn it to your advantage.

Get Angry at Work, for a Change

Dr. Susan Bernstein, Executive Coach

Dr. Susan Bernstein

You are influenced by unspoken norms at work, especially about the emotions to display or hide. Maybe you’ve been told...

Leadership Secrets Every Superboss Should Know

Tara Padua , Associate Director

Tara Padua

Leadership is not about being in charge, it’s about empowering the people who are in your charge.

Future of Supply Chain: Strategies for Total Value Creation

Ted Stank, Harry J. and Vivienne R. Bruce Chair of Excellence in Business

Ted Stank

This webinar will outline how a highly functioning supply chain organization can positively impact both a company’s top and bottom …

Program Management for Project Performance

Wayne Brantley, MS Ed, PMP®, ITIL®, CSM, CPLP, CRP

Wayne Brantley

Join us as we discuss the relationship between a project and a program, explore the benefits of each, and investigate why frequent …

More Than a Manager – Become a Project Management Guru

Wayne Brantley, Senior Director of Professional Education for The University Alliance

Wayne Brantley

Project Managers are more in demand than ever before. Do you have the skills to compete?