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Happiness Translates to Better Business - Why your Positive to Negative Emotions Ratio Matters!

Prof. Marijo Bos, Managing Director

Prof. Marijo Bos

Science is demonstrating how positivity has a direct impact on openness, creativity, resilience and overall happiness.

Strategic Cybersecurity Management

Dr. Michael Donohoe, Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration

Dr. Michael Donohoe

Security is of the utmost importance in today’s age of complex global telecommunication networks and interconnected information systems. …

Building a Corporate Strategy for Today and the Future

Dr. Filip Caeldries, Professor of Management and Organization, Strategy and Innovation

Dr. Filip Caeldries

In today's environment, organizations can stay ahead only if they build new strategic initiatives and exploit transient advantages.

How Lateral Moves Can Yield Big Promotions

Tami Farrow, SVP and Head of Retail Deposit Payments

Tami Farrow

Sometimes lateral moves can help you fast track your career. 

Avoid Disaster With These 6 HR Must-Do’s for Social Media

Steve Miranda, Managing Director, CAHRS

Steve Miranda

Organizations are striving to put in place social media strategies to help retain top talent.

Why Smart Leaders Make Bad Decisions – And What You Can Learn from Their Mistakes

Sydney Finkelstein, Professor of Management

Sydney Finkelstein

Learn the key lessons from management failures, and what they mean for anyone looking to become an effective leader. 

Develop Your High Potentials Into Results-Driven Leaders

Samuel Bacharach, Professor of Organizational Behavior

Samuel Bacharach

High potentials have good ideas, but what transforms them into genuine leaders is the capacity to move agendas and get results.

Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurship

Rich Patton, Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration

Rich Patton

Learn about the issues that directly affect the innovation capability of an organization.

Lifting Your Leadership Game – 2014

Gregg Thompson, President

Gregg Thompson

What will your leadership look like in 2014? How will you drive personal, team and organizational performance?