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Applicant Tracking Systems: Crack the code and Join the 10% of resumes that get noticed

Nancy McDonald, Career Coach

Nancy McDonald

Want to learn the secrets of online applications? Join us for a master class with Pace University Career Coach, Nancy McDonald as she explains: …

The Hidden Triggers in Hiring: A New Approach to Locking Down Job Offers

Anish Majumdar, Career Coach

Anish Majumdar

99% of the job search advice out there is DEAD WRONG. It’s information that is designed to make the hiring process easier for EMPLOYERS- …

How to Elevate Your Job Search & Career Through Storytelling

Anish Majumdar, Executive Coach

Anish Majumdar

“So, what’s your story?” How well you answer this question, will determine how quickly your career rises. Don’t …

How to Customize Your Resume to Demonstrate Your Value to Employers

Lilly-Marie Lamar, Senior Career Advisor

Lilly-Marie Lamar

The answer is, “YES.” The question is, “do I need to customize my resume for each job application?”

Does Your Resume Undersell You?

Lilly-Marie Lamar, Senior Career Advisor

Lilly-Marie Lamar

Learn how to get out of your own way when trying to tell a compelling story in your resume.

How to Tell a Powerful Story in Your Resume With a Winning Executive Summary

Lilly-Marie Lamar, Senior Career Advisor

Lilly-Marie Lamar

Executive summaries – everyone knows their resume needs one, yet few know how to write one.

The 5 Most Common Job Search Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Lilly-Marie Lamar, Senior Career Advisor

Lilly-Marie Lamar

Our team speaks with over 100 Ivy Exec members every week, and we hear it all: interview nightmares, resumes not receiving responses, and …

Non-Resume Communications: How to Get on (and Stay on) HR's Radar

Lilly-Marie Lamar, Sr. Career Advisor

Lilly-Marie Lamar

People often spend hours pouring over every bullet point, achievement, and sentence in their resume or cover letter - but will give no …

Get Your Executive Resume Noticed

Staci Collins, Executive Coach

Staci Collins

Why isn't your Exec resume getting noticed for jobs you are eminently qualified for?