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2016 Consulting Rankings

Communicating Your Fit in a Cover Letter

Staci Collins, Career Coach

Staci Collins

Most people hate writing cover letters. But done well, they can land you the job. 

Resume = "Personal Brand": How to Get it Right

Laura Hill, Career Coach

Laura Hill

Your resume is an extension of your personal brand and often times is the first interaction you have with an employer.

To CV or not to CV: Optimizing Your Résumé for an International Market

Kim Mohiuddin, Career Coach

Kim Mohiuddin

How do you know what is important to a global audience, and how do you highlight those elements in your documents?

10 Do's and Don'ts for Executive Resumes

Charlotte Weeks, Career Coach

Charlotte Weeks

Every senior-level professional needs a high-impact resume that showcases their unique value and experiences.

The 10 Most Impressive Things a Job Candidate Can Do

Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio, Co-founder

Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

In this tough economy, candidates need to improve their strategy to be successful.

Surefire Job Hunting Mistakes

Brad Attig, Social Strategist

Brad Attig

Avoid these common job search practices which are more likely to hurt your chance of landing a job.

Why is Your Resume Not Getting You Noticed?

Brad Attig, Social Strategist

Brad Attig

While you can’t ensure that every resume you send will get a response, you can improve your odds. 

Ask a Recruiter Anything

Caroline Ceniza-Levine and Connie Thanasoulis, Co-Founders

Caroline Ceniza-Levine and Connie Thanasoulis

If you could ask a recruiter anything you wanted to know about how hiring really works, what would you ask?