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The 2016 Best Consulting
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2016 Consulting Rankings

The 2016 Best Consulting
Companies To Work For

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2016 Consulting Rankings

How Executives Can Package & Position Their Expertise to Build a Successful Consulting Business

Michael Zipursky, CEO & CO-FOUNDER, Consulting Success

Michael Zipursky

In this presentation from Michael Zipursky, CEO and Co-founder of Consulting Success, you'll learn how to package, position and monetize …

Developing Meta Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Dr. Kent Rhodes, Practitioner Lecturer of Applied Behavioral Sciences, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Dr. Kent Rhodes

Join us for this webinar, led by Kent Rhodes, EdD, Practitioner Lecturer of Applied Behavioral Sciences of the Pepperdine University Graziadio …

Grit: The Power of Perseverance

Marla Bleavins and Vinny Pires, Deputy Executive Director & CFO / Lithium Strategy Director

Marla Bleavins and Vinny Pires

Research ​shows those who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth …

Launch Your Organization's Thought Leadership Strategy

Peter Winick and Bill Sherman, CEO and Founder, COO and Practice Lead

Peter Winick and Bill Sherman

Thought leadership isn't only for individuals, more and more organizations are identifying it as a viable strategy for providing a …

Crash Course in Business Strategy

Sonia Marciano, Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations

Sonia Marciano

Competitive strategy involves identifying attractive market opportunities and then developing a valuable and defendable position within …

Respect: The Foundation of Success

Rosanne J. Thomas, Founder and President

Rosanne J. Thomas

Imagine you had the power to increase your organization’s productivity, boost colleagues’ morale, knowledge sharing, and engagement, …

Back to Normal? Healthcare Trends and Innovations Post Pandemic

Miriam F. Weismann, JD, LLM Academic Director of the Healthcare MBA

Miriam F. Weismann

Hospitals and allied healthcare professionals have experienced economic hardship resulting from the challenges of crisis management during …

3 Steps to Boost Your LinkedIn Visibility in 2022

Andjela Milenkovic, Anastazija Gavrilovic, Ivy Exec Career Advisory Team

Andjela Milenkovic, Anastazija Gavrilovic

You've optimized your LinkedIn and maybe you've started building your personal branding strategy, but how do you make sure that …

Adopt an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Succeed Anywhere

Alisa Cohn, Executive Coach and Author

Alisa Cohn

Unleash your inner entrepreneur! In this webinar you'll learn tools to increase your agility, unlock creativity, and increase your …

Investing in Yourself: Lifelong Learning As the New Normal

Kelly M. Brown and Abby Greensfelder, Kelly M. Brown - founder of BSD Strategy Group, Abby Greensfelder - founder/CEO of Everywoman Studio

Kelly M. Brown and Abby Greensfelder

Technology’s transformation of nearly every facet of our economy means that we all must learn new skills and acquire knowledge at …

Build and Leverage Your Thought Leadership Strategy

Peter Winick, Founder and CEO

Peter Winick

No one went to school to become a thought leader, but those who attend this webinar will walk away ready to establish their own brand of …