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2016 Consulting Rankings

A Methodology to Solve Complex Business Problems with Untested Answers in a Vuca World

Hélène Musikas, Associate Professor, HEC Paris

Hélène Musikas

The current circumstances show us that more than ever companies have and will have to solve complex problems in volatile, uncertain, complex …

Disruption from AI and Business Analytics

Ivana Ljubic, Academic Director of the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA program, ESSEC Business School

Ivana Ljubic

One of the most disruptive forces in technology in the coming decade is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and companies that embrace AI …

Seeing Around Corners: Leveraging Women’s Leadership Skills in Times of COVID-19

Rita Gunther McGrath, Faculty Director, Women in Leadership Program, Columbia Business School

Rita Gunther McGrath

Join us for a complimentary webinar with Rita McGrath, a globally recognized management thinker, long-time faculty member at Columbia Business …

How Can Strategy Tools and Approaches Help in a Crisis Situation?

Pierre Dussauge, Associate Professor, HEC Paris

Pierre Dussauge

When a crisis hits, as we are experiencing now with Covid-19, the economy goes into a tailspin, demand drops and firm profits plummet. …

Avoid Disaster With These 6 HR Must-Do’s for Social Media

Steve Miranda, Managing Director, CAHRS

Steve Miranda

Organizations are striving to put in place social media strategies to help retain top talent.

Winning the Inner Game of Interviewing

Renita Kalhorn, Executive Coach & Resume Writer

Renita Kalhorn

An interview is like a performance: The stakes are high. 

How to Lead People So They Want You to Lead Them Again

Joshua Spodek, Executive Coach

Joshua Spodek

Effective leaders motivate people from the inside

US Healthcare Reform: Separating Fact from Fiction

Dr. Howard P. Forman, Professor & Program Director

Dr. Howard P. Forman

Since President Obama took office, healthcare reform has been at the forefront of the nation’s mind.

How to Build a Sustainable Career

James W. John, COO

James W. John

Creating a sustainable career requires a commitment to adding value to a company and balancing your work with your own values.

Five Top Tips to Reset Your Career

Alexandra Sleator, Executive Coach

Alexandra Sleator

Considering changing your job, company or industry? Here's how to reset.

Why Smart Leaders Make Bad Decisions – And What You Can Learn from Their Mistakes

Sydney Finkelstein, Professor of Management

Sydney Finkelstein

Learn the key lessons from management failures, and what they mean for anyone looking to become an effective leader. 

Lead When It Matters Most

Lee Newman, Professor of Behavioral Science and Leadership

Lee Newman

Behavioral Fitness draws on the science of habits and self-control to allow professionals to understand how behavioral change works and …

Making The Leap From Corporate To Start-Up: A Founder's Point Of View

David Klein, CEO and Co-Founder

David Klein

With a career that’s straddled both the entrepreneurial and the corporate worlds, David Kelin's unique perspective can help professionals …