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2016 Consulting Rankings

Optimize Your Mentoring Relationship for Career Success

Dr. Ruth Gotian, Chief Learning Officer, Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Ruth Gotian

Mentoring relationships benefit the career trajectories of both mentors and mentees alike. Giving and receiving guidance can help professionals …

It’s Later Than We Think: Climate Change and the Coming Transformation

Douglas Kysar, Professor, Yale Law School and Yale SOM

Douglas Kysar

In this webinar, Doug Kysar, a Yale Law School professor who also teaches in the MBA for Executives program at the Yale School of …

How to Develop Executive Presence for a Bigger Piece of the Pie

Ginger Baxter, Director of Graduate Career Advancement, University of Miami Herbert Business School

Ginger Baxter

As unemployment skyrockets, displaced workers and would-be-job seekers, as well as confident career changers and business leaders all are …

Women in Leadership – Leading with Strength & Impact to Change Bias Against Women Leaders

Dr. Candice Bledsoe and Ana Rodriguez, Instructor; Managing Director of the SMU Cox Latino Leadership Initiative, Southern Methodist University

Dr. Candice Bledsoe and Ana Rodriguez

Gender is clearly correlated with profitability, but women remain underrepresented in Corporate America.  Even though this year marks …

The Power of Executive Presence to Build Your Leadership Brand and Career

Karen Tiber Leland, Founder and Author, Sterling Marketing Group

Karen Tiber Leland

Executive Presence is not a single quality, but rather a multilayered, congruent combination of characteristics that enable C-suite leaders …

Managing Your Career in Uncertain Times: Challenges and Possibilities

Marc Beretta, Academic Director of Executive Programs, HEC Paris

Marc Beretta

The decision around how you spend your working life is critically important. You may not be able to control all the circumstances that …

Building Resilience and Compassion – For Self, For Others

Nancy Farina Johnston, Director of Alumni Career Management, Columbia Business School

James Wu, Executive and Career Coach, Columbia Business School

Nancy Farina Johnston

We are all experiencing unprecedented disruption in our professional and personal lives. In this workshop, we will coach you on mindsets, …

How to Build Your Personal Brand for the New Business Era

Kelly Millar, Transformation and Branding Specialist, KM Transformational Branding

Kelly Millar

Do you find talking about yourself and personal branding daunting? We all have a voice, message and a mission to share, and everyone can …

What Executives Need to Know about the Future of Taxes

Jennifer Blouin, Professor of Accounting, Wharton School

Jennifer Blouin

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) was the first significant tax reform in the U.S. since 1986. But now there are many sunsetting …

Thrive – Building Your Financial Plan

Joan Goodman, Vice President, Regional Planning Consultant

Joan Goodman

Women have a talent for making smart financial decisions. Still, with the demands of everyday life, reaching your goals sometimes seems …

Strategic Cybersecurity Management

Dr. Michael Donohoe, Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration

Dr. Michael Donohoe

Security is of the utmost importance in today’s age of complex global telecommunication networks and interconnected information systems. …

Tactics for Women to Advance Through the Ranks

Cara Williams, Global Head of Wealth Management and Technology Solutions

Cara Williams

In traditionally male-dominated industries, women sometimes struggle to advance through the ranks. 

How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume

Renita Kalhorn, Executive Coach

Renita Kalhorn

Whether they were laid off, on sabbatical, injured, or raising children, explaining “the gap” to potential employers can trip …

The MUST AVOID Mistakes in Financial Services Resumes

Laura Hill, Career Coach

Laura Hill

Learn the secrets behind a successful resume that will help you land that new job in finance. 

Managing the Media Realities of Today While Planning for Tomorrow

Mike Rosenberg, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

Mike Rosenberg

The biggest challenge that media companies will face is balancing existing platforms, while integrating digital media.

Personal Branding Part 2: How A Personal Brand Produces Specific, Measurable, Trackable Benefits

Rosemary Davies-Janes, CEO & Founder

Rosemary Davies-Janes

Get practical insights into the mechanics of personal branding, and an understanding of how an Authentic Personal Brand produces specific, …

Developing Global Leaders

John Almandoz, Assistant Professor

John Almandoz

Globalization has made it more important than ever to have leaders be able to adapt to other cultures and customs.

Can Brands Be Profitable On Social Media?

Umberto Pieraccioni, Professor of Corporate Communication

Umberto Pieraccioni

For many companies, creating a social media campaign is intimidating.