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2016 Consulting Rankings

Decode Your Workplace to Advance Your Career

Mark Herschberg, Author, The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You

 Mark Herschberg

You've mastered the functional skills for your job, but you also know there's more needed to be successful. No matter your role, …

Propelling Your Career to the Next Level with an Executive MBA

Mallika Mathur Lhéritier, Manager, Advisory - Financial Services, Insurance, Government & Public Sector, Ernst & Young Global Consulting Services

Mallika Mathur Lhéritier

Taking your career to the next level means constant improvement of your skills and knowledge, even if you are already a well-accomplished …

The Art (& Science) of Difficult Interview Questions

Thomas Monaco, Executive Director for Experienced Professionals Career Management, Columbia Business School’s Career Management Center

Thomas Monaco

This workshop will review basic interview questions in the first segment, and then will focus on individual responses to more difficult …

Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events

Robert J. Shiller, Professor of Finance and Fellow at the International Center for Finance, Yale School of Management

Robert J. Shiller

From Nobel Prize-winning economist and Yale School of Management professor Robert Shiller, a groundbreaking account of how stories help …

Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurship

Rich Patton, Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration

Rich Patton

Learn about the issues that directly affect the innovation capability of an organization.

Networking Nuances

Ainka J. Fulani, Owner

Ainka J. Fulani

Explore key aspects of effective networking and attend to what makes it challenging for YOU. Attendees will have the opportunity to share …

How to Take Control of an Interview

Staci Collins, Executive Coach and Senior Resume Specialist

Staci Collins

Have you ever walked out of an interview feeling you weren’t able to highlight your experience as well as you'd hoped?

Lifting Your Leadership Game – 2014

Gregg Thompson, President

Gregg Thompson

What will your leadership look like in 2014? How will you drive personal, team and organizational performance? 

Insights From The C-Suite

Dale Moss, Former CEO

Dale Moss

Learn the twists and turns a CEO can expect in the path to the executive suite.

Accelerating Your Career Progress Over the Holidays

John Reed, Career Coach

John Reed

As the holiday season looms, what does it mean for your job search?

Competitive Advantage Rewired: Positive Leadership

Juan Humberto Young – PhD, Academic Director

Juan Humberto Young – PhD

In a globalized world, few successful sustainable competitive advantages exist.

Strategy as a Wicked Problem

John Camillus, Professor of Strategic Management

John Camillus

When faced with wicked problems, many companies and leaders need to develop new strategies deal with these challenges.

The Quality Dimension of Value Investing: The New Holy Grail of Finance?

Robert Novy-Marx and the Simon Business School, Associate Professor of Finance

Robert Novy-Marx and the Simon Business School

Learn a new way of thinking about a firm’s operating performance and apply it to your investment decisions.