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2016 Consulting Rankings

A Methodology to Solve Complex Business Problems with Untested Answers in a Vuca World

Hélène Musikas, Associate Professor, HEC Paris

Hélène Musikas

The current circumstances show us that more than ever companies have and will have to solve complex problems in volatile, uncertain, complex …

Disruption from AI and Business Analytics

Ivana Ljubic, Academic Director of the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA program, ESSEC Business School

Ivana Ljubic

One of the most disruptive forces in technology in the coming decade is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and companies that embrace AI …

Seeing Around Corners: Leveraging Women’s Leadership Skills in Times of COVID-19

Rita Gunther McGrath, Faculty Director, Women in Leadership Program, Columbia Business School

Rita Gunther McGrath

Join us for a complimentary webinar with Rita McGrath, a globally recognized management thinker, long-time faculty member at Columbia Business …

How Can Strategy Tools and Approaches Help in a Crisis Situation?

Pierre Dussauge, Associate Professor, HEC Paris

Pierre Dussauge

When a crisis hits, as we are experiencing now with Covid-19, the economy goes into a tailspin, demand drops and firm profits plummet. …

How To Look, Speak & Act Confidently In Any Business Situation - Pt. 1

KL Moore, Image Consultant

KL Moore

What if you could project confidence, even in times of self-doubt?

Shape Your Career With Mentorship

Gayle Rigione, Chief Community Development Officer

Gayle Rigione

Most leaders who have made it to the C-suite have mentors in their past who have helped them, and not just when they were job hunting.

Are Executive Education Programs Worth it?

Dechu Muthana / Carla Inagaki, Principal / Associate Director of Admissions

Dechu Muthana / Carla Inagaki

MBA and Non-MBA Executives alike are asking themselves whether an executive education program can help them better lead their business.

Networking for Results: Create the Network that Lands That Job

Pat Drew, Career Coach

Pat Drew

Networking is one of the most efficient ways to position yourself for a new job; that is, if you have the right network.

Beyond the Horizon: Global Megatrends and What They Mean for Business

Joe Nellis, Professor

Joe Nellis

Will your business survive the looming global megatrends?

What Career Opportunities Does the “New China” Offer?

Roy Chason, Sr. MBA Marketing Manager

Roy Chason

“Made-in-China” no more!  While the last three decades saw China conquer the world with low cost goods exported to virtually …

How To Make Your Career Fit Your Life

Kathryn Sollmann, Managing Partner and Founder

Kathryn Sollmann

For many women, a large factor in the “stay or go” career decision is whether an alternative work structure is even possible.  …

Career Quandaries? Learn How The Ivy Exec Mentor Network Can Help

Gayle M. Rigione, Chief Content Editor

Gayle M. Rigione

The Mentor Network connects Ivy Exec's members with seasoned executives for monthly sessions on strategic and tactical career topics.  …

Look Before You Leap A 2-Part Webinar Series For Professionals With One Foot On The Off Ramp

Kathryn Sollmann, Managing Partner and Founder

Kathryn Sollmann

Thousands of women leave the workforce every year, but not because they hate their jobs.