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The 2016 Best Consulting
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2016 Consulting Rankings

The 2016 Best Consulting
Companies To Work For

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2016 Consulting Rankings

Building Stronger Teams: How to Create an Effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy

Dr. Maia Hightower and Ahmad Thomas, Dr. Maia Hightower, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Technology Officer of the University , Ahmad Thomas, CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Dr. Maia Hightower and Ahmad Thomas

In recent years, the business case for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace has continued to grow. Research has shown us that …

Slow Down, You Think Too Fast. The First Step to Becoming a Better Decision-Maker.

Dr. Konrad Grabiszewski, Associate Professor of Economics, HEC Paris in Qatar

Dr. Konrad Grabiszewski

We make choices every day. From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, we face decisions waiting for us. It would not be too …

Leading Through Team Misalignment on the Vision

Karla Ramos, Enterprise Agile Coach, Tribe of Agile

Karla Ramos

Too often, team leaders are not aligned with overarching corporate goals. In fact, studies suggest that 29 percent of employees believe …

Ask a Career Coach - Answering your Biggest Job Search Questions

Anish Majumdar, Career Coach and Hidden Job Market Expert | Featured in Business Insider, Ivy Exec, Fast Company, Anish Majumdar Coaching

Anish Majumdar

Let’s get 2023 started right- by avoiding the bad career strategies, brand mistakes, confidence-killing interview errors, and offer …

Networking with Passion and Purpose

Ainka J. Fulani, Founder

Ainka J. Fulani

Looking to use networking to impact career? 

Maximizing Your Effectiveness in Interviews

Brad Agry, Founding Principal

Brad Agry

Want to know how to be at the top of your game for job interviews? 

Ask a Recruiter Anything

Caroline Ceniza-Levine and Connie Thanasoulis, Co-Founders

Caroline Ceniza-Levine and Connie Thanasoulis

If you could ask a recruiter anything you wanted to know about how hiring really works, what would you ask? 

Values and the Job Search

Ainka J Fulani, Executive Coach

Ainka J Fulani

During this webinar, Ainka will guide you through how to think about framing what is important to you and take inventory of what priorities …

Salary Negotiation 2.0

Sabrina Zook, Career Coach

Sabrina Zook

Learn some strategic and tactical negotiating techniques that can be used  to ask for a raise with a prospective employer.

Troubleshooting Your Job Search

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Co-Founder

Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Find out why you are stuck in your job search and how to fix it!

What is your search goal?

Pat Drew, Career Coach

Pat Drew

Acquire the tools to determine your true talents, and learn where these talents fit with the current market.

How Strong is Your Brand?

Valerie Sokolosky, Founder

Valerie Sokolosky

You are your brand, whether you consciously manage it or not.