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2016 Consulting Rankings
Rita McGrath, Faculty and Expert on Strategy, Innovation, and Growth, Columbia Business School Executive Education
July 24, 2019 11:30 AM-12:00 PM EDT
Rita McGrath
Despite their best intentions, executives in incumbent firms are often caught by surprise by an unexpected shift in their environment.  …
Weak Signals: Anticipating an Inflection Point Before It’s Too Late
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Barbara Singer, CEO, Executive Core;, Adjunct Professor, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame
July 24, 2019 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EDT
Barbara Singer
Live your career like you’re not afraid to get fired, invest in yourself (you’re worth it), and the quality of your strategic …
Predictors of Executive Success - What Women Need to Know
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Anish Majumdar, Career Coach + Personal Branding Expert
July 25, 2019 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EDT
Anish Majumdar
Calling all misfits! If the ghost of the “perfect candidate” is weighing down your job search efforts, this one’s for …
The High-Contrast Candidate: How to Cancel Out “Perfect” to Land the Job
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown, Professor of Information Systems and Technology Management, Graziadio Business School
July 31, 2019 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EDT
Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown
Technology permeates all aspects of modern life, transforming the way we live, communicate, interact, and work. It engenders promise and …
Technology and the Good Society: Emerging Risk and Opportunity
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A

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Emily Bianchi, Associate Professor of Organization & Management
Emily Bianchi
Organizational culture can help organizations thrive or undermine their effectiveness. 
Understanding and Leveraging Organizational Culture
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Dr. Susan Bernstein, Executive Coach + Leadership Consultant
Dr. Susan Bernstein
Why Smart, High-Achieving Professional Women Second-Guess Themselves, and How They Can Become More Confident, Credible Leaders
From Self-Doubt to Confidence & Credibility
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Anish Majumdar, Career Coach
Anish Majumdar
The problem with trying to land an executive role is that everyone tells you what you need to PERFORM in the role (get that MBA, get more …
Cracking the Code of Executive Hiring: What You Need to Know to Land a Senior-Level Role
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Adam Schwartz // Bami Oshinowo // Jeff Marowits, Acquis Consulting Group
Adam Schwartz // Bami Oshinowo // Jeff Marowits
At small, boutique consulting firms, there’s a sense of trust and self-determination that’s impossible for employees to find …
Is a Boutique Firm the Key to Advancing Your Consulting Career?
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Pedro Gonzalez, Director of Career Management
Pedro Gonzalez
Based on observations from a corporate talent acquisition professional and longtime career advisor, this webinar will review the timelines …
Career Lifecycles: Embracing Your Career Destination Decade By Decade
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Anish Majumdar , Anish Majumdar, Career Coach to the Fiercely Ambitious
Anish Majumdar
Attention jobseekers: the game has changed! Seismic shifts in how employers find and recruit talent (hint: NOT through job postings), combined …
The New Rules of the Job Search [2019 Edition]
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Dan Trepanier, Adjunct Lecturer, Information Systems & Analytics Program Director, MSBA
Dan Trepanier
When facing a business question, it's important to put thought into the problem, try to understand what data is needed for your analysis, …
Forecasting Beer Production Using Time Series Analysis
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Nancy McDonald, Career Coach
Nancy McDonald
Want to learn the secrets of online applications? Join us for a master class with Pace University Career Coach, Nancy McDonald as she explains: …
Applicant Tracking Systems: Crack the code and Join the 10% of resumes that get noticed
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A
Timothy P. Munyon Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management and the Ray and Joan Myatt Research Fellow
Timothy P. Munyon Ph.D.
How should firms measure their return on investment from employee learning and development activity?
Driving Business Forward with Investing in People
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A