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The Ivy Exec Difference

The Ivy Exec Resume team ensures that your resume stands out and you achieve the career success you‘ve earned. See the transformations for yourself.

Sarah Smith - Sales, Financial Services

Sarah was looking to move from an individual contributor into a management role, but her resume lacked accomplishments – what she did that impacted the bottom-line. Sarah’s new resume reflects revenue increases, accounts and customers she brought in, and new markets/channels she discovered that have set her employers up for exponential future growth.

Mark Gellar - Scientist

Mark had applied to almost 20 research positions in both industry and national labs, and wasn’t getting a great response. His original resume just listed what his work focused on, not the results that came from his research or the problems he solved. Mark needed some serious reformatting as well to make his document easier to read and absorb the content. His new resume shows his actual contribution to science, not just the names of what he had worked on.

Kara Morris – Engineer

Kara's original resume was broken down functionally in a way that made it extremely difficult to see her career progression and seemed unfocused. One it was segmented chronologically, her different engineering projects were added to highlight her transferrable skills. Normally with only 11 years of work experience her resume should only be 1 page long, but since Kara’s Mechanical Engineering Design and Development career was similar to academia, a 2nd page was used to show her patents, publications, awards, and certifications. The Objective was removed because the content was strong enough to convey her professional goals.

John Mertz - Technology

John wanted to go from being viewed as a mid-level manager to someone capable of taking on VP or Sr. Director roles in strategic capacities. His old resume was mostly responsibilities and lacked action and results. John’s experience involved very impressive revenue generation, budget management, and team management, but it was buried in content that was dominated by daily tasks and overall role elaboration. His rewritten resume finally displays the value he has consistently brought to the organizations he’s worked at.