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Robert Serec

Robert Serec

Business Consultant
MBA ’07, IMD Business School
Lausanne, Switzerland

Ivy Exec has helped me tremendously by giving me a better understanding of the international job market, the importance of a professionally written resume and access to exclusive and highly relevant job opportunities. Through Ivy Exec, I have realized the value of belonging to a network of like-minded professionals who have provided me valuable guidance and insight.

Ivy Exec is not just one of those high level networks. It is the ELITE service that gave me all the right tools I needed to understand, learn, and craft a bullet proof strategy for transitioning into a new career and the job of my dreams.

The fact that the team at Ivy Exec screens every single job and makes sure that they are truly top quality opportunities, is something you won’t find anywhere else. They’ve saved me so much time and have helped make my job search more targeted. Thank you Ivy Exec team for a job well done.

Mona Chadha

Mona Chadha

Business Strategy Architect
MBA ’05, Cornell University
Seattle, Washington

The team at Ivy Exec has made profound impact on my career. Their recruiters demonstrated incredible insight of my skills and background, opening my eyes to an opportunity that I would have missed otherwise. Working with Ivy Exec gave me the inside knowledge during the interview and negotiation process. This was invaluable in helping me land my dream job.

Ivy Exec led me to an incredible opportunity that put me on the right career path. It’s a journey I have Ivy Exec to thank. I can’t stress enough what my membership has meant.

I have to point out that my continuing membership has brought great value as well. The webinars on negotiation and personal branding have helped me immensely. The weekly job alerts keep me in the loop with what is happening in the market and even helps me know what my competition is doing."

Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen

Advisor, Client Services
MBA ’00, Johns Hopkins
Washington, DC

The goal of a resume is to get you an interview, and every single version the writers at Ivy Exec provided didn’t just get me an interview, but sent me right to panel. I went from not getting responses to being put straight through to my 1st choice job. I’m interviewing tomorrow morning.

I’ve really been thrilled with your service, and if the goal of a resume is to get an interview, then for the record, I received interviews for 4 of the 6 positions that I applied for and was offered 1 job... and that’s all I needed.

Ivy Exec must have sprinkled some pixie dust on my resume.

My deep appreciation goes to everyone at Ivy Exec for such a professional and impressive job.

Sabrina Kippur

Sabrina Kippur

Senior Consultant Graham-Pelton
MS ’11, New York University
BA ’05, Stanford University

As an Ivy Exec member I never anticipated the level of personal service I received. After a short introductory phone call, an Ivy Exec recruiter matched me to an open search. It was clear that he had observed and considered my skills and background, and our conversation fueled my confidence in this new step forward. Most importantly, I would not have heard about this opening without Ivy Exec. Their knowledge of the career marketplace is unparalleled.

Ivy Exec empowered me to land my dream role and positioned me for long-term success. And I didn't just get a job: I took a major step in a lifelong career.

TAs I advanced through the interview process, Ivy Exec gave me invaluable tools to hone my personal brand and summary of my career thus far: content-rich webinars and e-blasts all helped guide me to success. An Ivy Exec recruiter also checked in frequently - a level of personal attention that I could not have anticipated.

Thank you, Ivy Exec, for an absolutely invaluable experience. I look forward to benefiting from my membership throughout my career!"

Donna Moncuso

Donna Moncuso

Marketing Strategist
University of Pennsylvania ‘92
Philadelphia, PA

Your recent Ivy Exec Webinar, “Working in Reverse” was so helpful for me. It completely changed the way I approached my interviews and job search. I was fortunate to have listened to the webinar the evening before a 3 interview day. All of my meetings went extremely well, I only wish I’d have had more time to absorb and leverage all the incredible tips and suggestions provided.

Your Webinar reminded me of my swim team competitive years. I was always coached to swim hard the entire way and never slow down until I hit the wall and won. Your advice was perfect in re-energizing me and as a result, I landed a perfect consulting position.

Your webinar was uniquely helpful for several reasons. I had never realized the importance of working with a professional certified resume writer and the value of talking with someone that is. I didn’t even realize there was a certification. Putting myself in the position and asking what challenges will I face as opposed to thinking about the duties and responsibilities helped me interview from a completely different perspective.

Thanks Ivy Exec for a webinar that made all the difference.

Arun Padmanabhan

Arun Padmanabhan

Senior Consultant
Minneapolis, MN

I’ve worked with multiple recruiters for the past 8 years and have seen the good and the bad. I appreciated how Ivy Exec’s recruiter Kaye clearly matched my skillsets and goals with the company’s goals. Many times before recruiters have contacted me with mismatched opportunities that came nowhere close to my skills.

Kaye was able to connect an opportunity with where I wanted to go, and that focused touch is very important for recruiting. I’ve been in roles that didn’t work, and it’s not fun.

My new role with Cap Gemini is an amazing opportunity. I’m now working for a company that is truly global, in a challenging role that not only leverages my skills but is teaching me new ones. Up until now my jobs have been like drinking out of a garden hose and now it’s a fire hose.

Working with Kay was truly a partnership. She was there for the whole process. It was a great experience, one of the best experiences I’ve had with a recruiter.