Mentoring Can Take Your Career To New Heights

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Whether you’re slogging through a job search, or you want to push the limits of possibility in your current position, a mentor can help.   There is great value in speaking confidentially with more experienced professionals who are objective, relentlessly honest and have most likely “been there and done it.”

Ivy Exec has built a powerful, community-based network of volunteer mentors – seasoned executives with 15 to 20+ years experience from a broad range of industries.  With their time tested perspective, mentors with the Ivy Exec Mentor Network can help you think through your next career steps, even if your path forward seems daunting.


“I like to work with well educated, talented people and help build them up. When a person seeks mentoring, they’re definitely ready to go because they’ve sought you out for help and guidance.  It’s a win-win. You can’t force mentoring onto people.  People need to seek it and be ready to make changes.”

John J.  Blank PhD, Chief Equity Strategist, Zacks Investment Research, Inc. and Ivy Exec Mentor

“John Blank and I spoke extensively and it went extremely well! I know much better what to do and where I stand now, which is exactly what I wanted.  Actually, I received a lot more than I hoped for. Thank you!”

Hannes G., Ivy Exec Protégé 

Access to the mentor network is a privilege reserved for Ivy Exec’s premium All Access members.  When you request mentorship you will be hand matched with a mentor of your choice.  You can then meet with your mentor (or a series of different mentors over time) once a month.  Our mentors would love to work with you.

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This unique program is global in scope and promotes broad based networking — across national borders, industries and generations — between members of Ivy Exec’s exclusive professional community.

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