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Boutique Consulting Firms You Should Know

boutique consulting firms

There’s something compelling and prestigious about the thought of working for a boutique consulting firm—a firm that specializes in niche markets, bringing innovation and cutting-edge expertise to clients in a wide range of industries. It’s a job that’s rarely boring and always holding the promise to learn something new. And, it’s the kind of job that can be personally rewarding in very tangible ways.

Here we take a look at Consulting Firms that Ivy Exec is keeping our eye on in 2019 as some of the “Best Boutique Consulting Firms You Should Know.” Read on to see if one of these firms has what it takes to make your “companies I want to apply to” list.

Best Boutique Consulting Firms

Keystone Strategy

Women are breaking boundaries at Keystone, in a male-dominated industry where leadership positions are often out of reach. Not so at Keystone which has built a diverse pipeline to leadership aimed at shaking up the industry. Keystone is a model for what other companies could do to drive diversity not only up but across ranks. For now, though, Keystone has an edge here and they leverage it well.

Keystone staffers say that their work is intellectually stimulating and that they have ample opportunities to learn and grow professionally. Their work, they say, has a positive impact on future career prospects.

The company is cutting edge, not just in terms of diversity, but also in terms of digital transformation and innovation. With a network of experts that includes professors from leading business schools like Harvard, Standard, MIT Sloan, Wharton and the University of Chicago, the firm has been able to attract top tech firms as clients—Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Intel are among them.

The company’s flat hierarchy makes senior leaders accessible, providing an opportunity for hands-on coaching, counseling and role modeling. It’s a firm that’s committed to the future—for itself, its clients and, particularly, its staff members.

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Acquis Consulting Group

Taking a “Think + Do” approach to their work, Acquis turns strategy into action through careful execution based on an extensive understanding of clients and their businesses. Acquis’ “People First” approach applies to relationships with both clients and staff and it shows. When it comes to culture and prestige, 96% of employees say they would recommend Acquis to a friend, 95% say it’s a great place to work and 95% say they’re proud to list the company on their resumes.

Acquis’s leadership scores high marks as well. 96% of employees feel that the company has strong leadership, with an average of 4.7 out of 5 across six leadership categories.

Acquis is well known as a great place to work. It’s made Consulting Magazine’s list of the “Best Small Firms to Work For” for six years. Employees point to flex time, telecommuting, additional maternity/paternity leave and gym memberships as some of the top benefits of working for this boutique firm.

Decision Resources Group

With 17 offices in 6 countries, Decision Resources Group has evolved as a leader in research and data, custom analytics and consulting serving the healthcare industry. It’s a niche that has allowed the firm to bring together some of the best in the business. As one current employee, a principal with the firm, notes: “Nearly anywhere in the world, DRG is known as the gold standard provider of data and expertise. We are growing our reputation as a consultancy, however, among clients that we work with, we are nearly always seen as a long term ‘trusted Principal’.”

Healthcare is a competitive industry, currently being impacted by significant change on many fronts. Despite the turbulent nature of the business its in, DRG Consulting enjoys a high level of trust from clients—and staff members.

DRG’s consultants are frequently called upon to share their thought leadership with prestigious industry publications and media outlets on topics ranging from clinical quality to payment structures and innovations in care delivery.  

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CBPartners serves multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries, as well as government health authorities. It’s a smart company, serving smart companies but, as its employees attest, “everyone is extremely approachable, even those in senior leadership positions.”

The firm gets high scores from employees in a lot of areas, but stands out, particularly in the areas of leadership and diversity. CBPartners’ leaders set a clear and consistent vision, lead by example, are collaborative and smart and communicate clearly. They’ve consciously assembled a diverse team of talent that brings a wide range of varied perspectives to the firm—perspectives that fuel innovation and foster creative thinking and new ideas.

Fully 100 percent of the staff at CBPartners say they would recommend the firm to a friend. That’s not surprising given the high marks the company receives for culture, prestige, work, and leadership. It’s a powerful formula for business, and personal, success.

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